Welcome to Biopolymer Laboratory!!

All Biopolymer family members are paying great efforts to build up the best laboratory environments not only in the research activity but also personal relationship. We are emphasizing the self-motivated and cooperative research environments to achieve the evolution of creativity. All members are sharing their knowledge and idea to overcome obstructions in research activity. We are also emphasizing the responsibility and reliability to build up family-like community in laboratory, because our major goal is the training of potential leaders. We are exploring the interdisciplinary area of Biotechnology (BT), Nanotechnology (NT), and Information technology (IT). The recent advances in scientific knowledge and synthetic technology enabled the interpretation of complicated biological phenomena. We are aiming the design of biofunctional materials using nano-scale objects. And also, we synthesize photofunctional materials as the mimicry of biosystems. We welcome to join our group and enjoy the bioinspired materials world!

From BIO to BIO

Learning from biomolecules, bio-mechanism, and biological process would give great inspiration in materials design, because bio-organism evolved to improve their efficiency and safety with uncountable long history. Our group develops many kind of materials having bio-mimetic functions, such as stimuli-responsive system, directional light energy transfer, site-specific molecular recognition, and self-assembled supramolecular materials.
Bio-organism recognizes micro-environment and response outer stimuli. Such processes are taken place at nano-scale regions because the sizes of bioactive molecules are ranging from nanometer to sub-micron. Our group develops polymeric nano-materials to utilize in biomedical application, such as drug delivery, molecular sensing, and the design of biointerfaces.